Fisher DVC6200 Digital Valve Controller

Fisher DVC6200 Digital Valve Controller


■ The FIELDVUE DVC6200 digital valve controller is a

HART communicating instrument that converts a

two‐wire 4‐20 mA control signal into a pneumatic output

to an actuator. It can easily be retrofitted in place of

existing analog positioners on most Fisher and non‐Fisher

pneumatic actuators.

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Fisher DVC6200 Digital Valve Controller

■ Linkage‐Less Non‐Contact Position Feedback— The

high performance, linkage‐less feedback system

eliminates physical contact between the valve stem

and the DVC6200. There are no wearing parts so cycle

life is maximized.

■ Built to Survive—The field proven DVC6200 has fully

encapsulated electronics that resist the effects of

vibration, temperature, and corrosive atmospheres. A

weather‐tight wiring terminal box isolates field wiring

connections from other areas of the instrument.

■ Actuator Overpressure Prevention

Fisher DVC6200 Digital Valve Controller


■ Enhanced Safety— The DVC6200 is a HART

communicating device, so information can be

accessed anywhere along the loop. This flexibility can

reduce exposure to hazardous environments and

make it easier to evaluate valves in hard to reach


■ Faster Commissioning— HART communications allows

you to quickly commission loops with a variety of

tools, either locally at the valve assembly or remotely.

■ Easy Maintenance— The DVC6200 is modular in

design. Critical working components can be replaced

without removing field wiring or pneumatic tubing.

Hazardous Area Approvals

CSA— Intrinsically Safe, Explosion‐proof, Division 2,

Dust Ignition‐proof

FM— Intrinsically Safe, Explosion‐proof,

Non‐Incendive, Dust Ignition‐proof

ATEX— Intrinsically Safe, Flameproof, Type n,

Dust by intrinsic safety

IECEx— Intrinsically Safe, Flameproof, Type n,

Dust by intrinsic safety or by enclosure

Electrical Housing

CSA— Type 4X, IP66


FM— Type 4X, IP66


Other Classifications/Certifications

Natural Gas Certified, Single Seal Device— CSA, FM,


Lloyds Register— Marine Type Approval

CUTR— Customs Union Technical Regulations (Russia,

Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Armenia)

INMETRO— National Institute of Metrology, Quality and

Technology (Brazil)

KGS— Korea Gas Safety Corporation (South Korea)

NEPSI— National Supervision and Inspection Centre for

Explosion Protection and Safety of Instrumentation


PESO CCOE— Petroleum and Explosives Safety

Organisation - Chief Controller of Explosives (India)

TIIS— Technology Institution of Industrial Safety (Japan)

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