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The Coriolis effect is a driving force behind the exceptional performance of SITRANS F C flowmeters.

Two symmetrical metal tubes are set vibrating. This is ensured by a driver coil in the central section. The oscillation is measured precisely by two pickups - at the inlet and outlet sections. If liquids or gases now flow through the tubes, a phase shift occurs - as with a water hose. The pickups measure the spatial and temporal displacement. This determines the amount of liquid or gas flowing through the tubes.

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We, Tianjin Seles Electromechanical Technology Co., LTD, are a high-tech enterprise located in Tianjin Binhai New Area. We are supplier, distributor, wholesaler & trader of Emerson Mass Flowmeter. Products model included in this range are CMF010,CMF025,CMF050,CMF100,CMF200,CMF300,CMF400; F025,F050,F100,F200,F300,F400.

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